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Monday, December 14, 2009

What is wrong with the game developers for Android?

First they say we are then they say we are not... then they screw their head on straight.
It is no secret that the Android platform is lacking 3d games. Gameloft was the most recent flipflopper on this subject. Its okay now though, they say they are going to continue making games for the next generation of Android devices. If by continue they mean that they will continue to port over their crappy iphone games then they can just run along and play somewhere else like they had stated.
I am wondering if maybe even Apple has its hands in trying to stop devs from porting their crappy iphone apps. who knows really, but why wouldnt you want to get into Android? Hellllooo! Google is huge and growing violently.
All in all I believe that there will be a lot of developers jumping on the Android bandwagon soon enough.

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