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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

T-Mobile First To Adapt Carrier Billing For Android Apps!

T-Mobile has a new tab that lets you see their top picks. Does this help anyone?
I am sure that the developers are loving this also, as they have been complaining about this issue. It makes it a lot easier for them to sell their apps. Yes, there is still a 24 hour return policy for the apps put on your account.

Current list of T-Mobiles Top Picks:

- T-Mobile My Account(free)
- Absolute Fitness($4.99)
- AlphaMixer: Word Game(free)
- Barcode Scanner(free)
- E! Online(free)
- Express News(free)
- Faceit($.99
- FlightStats for Android($6.99)
- Gem Miner: Dig Deep(UK 1.35)
- Guitar: Solo Lite(free)
- Location Scout(free)
- Musical Lite(free)
- Pandora Radio(free)
- Layar- Reality Browser 3.0(free)
- Shirpa- Discover your world(free)
- USA TODAY(free)
- T-Mobile green perks(free)
- T-Mobile HotSpot Connection(free)
- T-Mobile Visual Voicemail(free)
- T-Mobile Backup(free)

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