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Monday, December 14, 2009

Nexus one rumors

So.... Whats the deal with the Nexus??? Apparently has been getting a lot of information and a few pics of the rumored official Google phone. We know the phone is real and that just about all the Google employees got the phone.
The Nexus one went through the FCC and people are speculating that the phone will go to T-Mobile or ATT or possibly both. My bets on T-mobile.
Rumors have been piling up all over the Androidsphere today that the phone will go for $199, I assume with a contract... but there was also a rumor of Google selling it on their website with a possible $100 off if you have been a Google customer(including gmail or other Google owned products).
There are a lot of happy people out there right now... especially T-mobile customers(yes I am one). I have been reading a lot of comments that people are ready to even ditch their iphones for this 1 ghz beast of a phone. I used to say that i would wait for a physical keyboard, but I think this phone just might change my mind after using the G1 for a year.
Bye the way... Google said they were not going to get into hardware manufacturing and they have not, HTC made the phone to Googles specification obviously because they wanted people to see what Android is capable of. SO... Is this the real G2 codenamed Nexus by HTC? It is the only phone that is worthy of being called the G2. Sorry UK... the Hero is not the real G2.
The Nexus1 will be mine.

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