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Friday, December 18, 2009

App Review: Wave Blazer lite by Polarbit AB

The first thing I have to say is.... Freakin Sweeeeeeet! Although this game does not support the Motorola Droid or HTC Tatoo, it definitely has to be one of the best 3d games for Android now. Don't worry Droidians, Polarbit says they will have it for you ASAP. Wave Blazer has stunning 3d gameplay that makes you want more. In the lite version there is only one boat and one track to race in single and multiplayer mode. I did not get a chance to play the multiplayer as there wasn't anyone on the server yet. The single play was great. Bottom line... I am buying this game and quite possibly their other titles:Raging Thunder and Armageddon Squadron. (there is a lite version of Raging Thunder but not the latter as of yet.) The only problem with all these great games is the space they take up. 9.9MB is a hefty amount of space, especially for G1 owners. I don't think it will stop people from buying these games because they are so cool.
what we really need is to be able to run our apps from sd out of the box. If we dont start getting much larger storage in our phones or apps to sd I believe it will really affect the amount of money all the developers can make off of Android. Developers like Polarbit AB are essential to Android. So come on Google and manufacturers.... We need more space.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

App Review: Backgrounds by Stylem Media

Backgrounds is the best free background app out there I believe. With 8,000 different backgrounds in 50 categories it is very eay to find ones you like. I particularly like the fact that you can rotate your favorite backgrounds daily, every 12 hours, or hourly. Rotating backgrounds does use up some battery, but I have found its not that bad of a drain. Might as well go try Backgrounds by Stylem Media........Its free...why not?

App Review: Taskiller (FREE)

Taskiller(free) is great to have. It gives you the ability to kill programs that you aren't using. Which in turn makes it so your programs you want to run, run a lot smoother. It is easy to use and even has a simple desktop widget.There is also a feature that lets you select which programs to auto kill if you like. Check it out! It is a program I will always use for any device that I ever own. Simply free because there is one add at the top when you open the app by Adsense, not bothersome at all.

App Review: Fandango

Besides the slight mix up in the In Theaters and Coming Soon category which I am sure will be fixed soon... this app is a must have if you like to go to the movies. It has a theaters, my account and search buttons in the menu button. If you hit the Theaters button it will show you a list of all the theaters in and around your zip code. It also has a favorites tab in the theaters section. Then you select your favorite theater and it has in order: make favorite, map button, phone number, showtimes on:date, then all the current showtimes with a buy button. When you click on one of the movies a picture with a preview embed, release date, fan rating, and plot show on top. Below that... there is a tab of theaters and showtimes for that movie near you. Beside that there is a Movie Details tab that shows the cast, director, genre and a synopsis of the movie.

Fandango really is a good app. It has everything you need to find a movie and even preorder tickets. It ran very smooth with my wifi. I believe the only problem is the in theaters and coming soon area. which like I said will surely be fixed soon. I definitely recommend downloading this app.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

T-Mobile First To Adapt Carrier Billing For Android Apps!

T-Mobile has a new tab that lets you see their top picks. Does this help anyone?
I am sure that the developers are loving this also, as they have been complaining about this issue. It makes it a lot easier for them to sell their apps. Yes, there is still a 24 hour return policy for the apps put on your account.

Current list of T-Mobiles Top Picks:

- T-Mobile My Account(free)
- Absolute Fitness($4.99)
- AlphaMixer: Word Game(free)
- Barcode Scanner(free)
- E! Online(free)
- Express News(free)
- Faceit($.99
- FlightStats for Android($6.99)
- Gem Miner: Dig Deep(UK 1.35)
- Guitar: Solo Lite(free)
- Location Scout(free)
- Musical Lite(free)
- Pandora Radio(free)
- Layar- Reality Browser 3.0(free)
- Shirpa- Discover your world(free)
- USA TODAY(free)
- T-Mobile green perks(free)
- T-Mobile HotSpot Connection(free)
- T-Mobile Visual Voicemail(free)
- T-Mobile Backup(free)

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Coming SOON?

First Sony announced that the X10 would be coming Jan. 10. Now we see a Jan. 18 release date at doesn't necessarily mean that is the official release date however as they have "due for release" by the preorder button.
above photo from below photo from

Odroid lauches worldwide developer edition

Since the Odroid gaming system has been made public there have been a lot of mixed reviews. Personally I thought that this device was ugly and made no sense. Of course it didn't make sense.... its not a phone. Now that Odroid is showing some capabilities its all making sense. You can use this device to access just about everything a Android phone can except make call through a mobile carrier. As long as developers embrace the Odroid there should be a bright future for this product.

Rumors of Apple starting rumors: Update Nexus1

Over at there are even more rumors coming out about the Nexus one. According to Eldar Murtazin(editor of Mobile-Review) believes that Apple may have started the rumors of a Google phone. There is a lot to this story and the best thing to do is to head over to:

Android Market has topped 20,000 Apps

Within the last 5 months the Android Market has doubled from 10,000 to 20,000 apps. 62.3% of those apps are free, leaving 37.7% paid. At the rate apps are being put on the market there should be 30,000 apps within the next 2-3 months.

Obviously with these kinds of numbers Android os is booming.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Motorola MT710 Ophone

We will probably only see this phone in pictures unless you go to China. With a 3.7 inch screen the Chinese will have no problem seeing their second Android phone that will be available very soon. This phone is slick and it has all this:

Marvell PXA310 Processor 624 MHz
RAM 256 MB Flash ROM 256 MB
480 x 854 (FWVGA) Resistive Touch Screen Display
5-Megapixel Camera with Flash (dual LED)
OPhone OS 1.5
CMMB mobile TV Multimedia
GSM 900/1800/1900 TD-SCDMA 2010/2025
3.5mm Headphone
WiFi, Bluetooth,
Ambient Light Sensor

Not too shabby for China Mobiles first Android phone.
Don't worry.... I'm sure Motorola has something better up its sleeve for the U.S. after the Droid starts losing steam.

App Review: Fishin 2 Go (FULL)

This is definitely a must have game if you like to fish, or even if you do not. It is one of my favorite games. It has 8 different fishing areas with fresh and saltwater areas, 6 lure categories with multiple baits in each, 5 rods with different strengths, adjustable sinker weights and even a depth/fish finder. I suggest you at least try the lite version, although the full version is much better. You can go check out more at...... pics from developers website.

Facebook for Android gets a Facelift...

This is a definite improvement to the first release of Facebook for Android. besides the obvious new home screen... this version runs a lot smoother all around. I still have to say though.. why cant we do chat and look at our inbox?? It seems like they would have tried to have this stuff in a new release. Also i would love to know when I will be able to upload a video through the app and not have to download a third party app that is mediocre. Hopefully they are working on these things as I and surely others are wondering.

China Telecom getting Android before China Mobile?

With the Motorola Zhiling going to China mobile on Dec. 28th,China Telecom is in need of a Android handset. Need shall turn into have very soon when they get the Motorola Zepplin XT800, apparently available Christmas day. It has:
5MP Camera
LED flash
720P HD video capture
Text scanning
Bluetooth v2.1
3.5mm headset jack
MicroSD expansion
ARM Cortex-A8 processor
and more at 5MP Camera
LED flash
720P HD video capture
Text scanning
Bluetooth v2.1
3.5mm headset jack
MicroSD expansion
ARM Cortex-A8 processor
and more...
There seems to be a Motorola phone that went through the FCC also....

Is this the XT800??? I have no idea. Would I get this phone?? Maybe.... if it was a phone going to T-mobile. Guess I am just stuck with the GOOGLE phone. Gosh didily darn(with a lot of sarcasm).

Nexus one Boot screen

This is the boot screen for the rumored Google phone... the Nexus one. It would look a lot better if it were in my hands.

What is wrong with the game developers for Android?

First they say we are then they say we are not... then they screw their head on straight.
It is no secret that the Android platform is lacking 3d games. Gameloft was the most recent flipflopper on this subject. Its okay now though, they say they are going to continue making games for the next generation of Android devices. If by continue they mean that they will continue to port over their crappy iphone games then they can just run along and play somewhere else like they had stated.
I am wondering if maybe even Apple has its hands in trying to stop devs from porting their crappy iphone apps. who knows really, but why wouldnt you want to get into Android? Hellllooo! Google is huge and growing violently.
All in all I believe that there will be a lot of developers jumping on the Android bandwagon soon enough. Droid giveaway

The boy genius is doing it again.. another Droid giveaway.this time there is 2.. yes two, just go post a comment that will get you some attention and it could be yours. Might as well go...

Nexus one rumors

So.... Whats the deal with the Nexus??? Apparently has been getting a lot of information and a few pics of the rumored official Google phone. We know the phone is real and that just about all the Google employees got the phone.
The Nexus one went through the FCC and people are speculating that the phone will go to T-Mobile or ATT or possibly both. My bets on T-mobile.
Rumors have been piling up all over the Androidsphere today that the phone will go for $199, I assume with a contract... but there was also a rumor of Google selling it on their website with a possible $100 off if you have been a Google customer(including gmail or other Google owned products).
There are a lot of happy people out there right now... especially T-mobile customers(yes I am one). I have been reading a lot of comments that people are ready to even ditch their iphones for this 1 ghz beast of a phone. I used to say that i would wait for a physical keyboard, but I think this phone just might change my mind after using the G1 for a year.
Bye the way... Google said they were not going to get into hardware manufacturing and they have not, HTC made the phone to Googles specification obviously because they wanted people to see what Android is capable of. SO... Is this the real G2 codenamed Nexus by HTC? It is the only phone that is worthy of being called the G2. Sorry UK... the Hero is not the real G2.
The Nexus1 will be mine.