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Friday, December 18, 2009

App Review: Wave Blazer lite by Polarbit AB

The first thing I have to say is.... Freakin Sweeeeeeet! Although this game does not support the Motorola Droid or HTC Tatoo, it definitely has to be one of the best 3d games for Android now. Don't worry Droidians, Polarbit says they will have it for you ASAP. Wave Blazer has stunning 3d gameplay that makes you want more. In the lite version there is only one boat and one track to race in single and multiplayer mode. I did not get a chance to play the multiplayer as there wasn't anyone on the server yet. The single play was great. Bottom line... I am buying this game and quite possibly their other titles:Raging Thunder and Armageddon Squadron. (there is a lite version of Raging Thunder but not the latter as of yet.) The only problem with all these great games is the space they take up. 9.9MB is a hefty amount of space, especially for G1 owners. I don't think it will stop people from buying these games because they are so cool.
what we really need is to be able to run our apps from sd out of the box. If we dont start getting much larger storage in our phones or apps to sd I believe it will really affect the amount of money all the developers can make off of Android. Developers like Polarbit AB are essential to Android. So come on Google and manufacturers.... We need more space.

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